The Beginning!

Be part of this! Everyone can be part of this! It’ll be fun. It’ll be cool. It’ll be creative. It’ll be inspiring. It’ll be a good use of your brain and your time (not everything is, you know).

What is this? The Poetry-Art Collaborative Experiment (which I may start to refer to as TPACE) is an effort to collaborate my poetry with the creative work of others.  I am an unpublished writer (unless you count my personal website) who lives in the Charlotte, NC area.

What do I want from you? What I’m looking for is for you to read some of these poems and then respond through visual art, photography, your own creative writing, or even a constructive critique. Comments are fine, and always welcome, but what I’m really seeking here is collaboration.

What if you’re not really into this kind of stuff? You don’t have to like poetry to be part of this. You don’t have to consider yourself an artist, writer, or photographer to do this. Just take some time to read and consider what you read and how you can do something with that to share (what did you think, feel, etc?). Don’t worry about how “creative” you think you are. Start with being honest and go from there.

How do you participate? I’m going to post several poems weekly. If you want to participate, email me at Be sure to credit yourself (you retain all rights to your work). If that doesn’t work out well, we’ll do it differently. This is an experiment. Check out the “About Participating” page for more info.

What else? This is a fluid experiment. Any piece can be revised by the creator of that piece at any time. I’m interested and excited to see different perspectives and see how collaboration changes the current body of work I have at the moment. I’m excited to see this be a body of work by many instead of just myself.

Let me know if you have any questions. Let me know if you read this and are interested, even if you can’t post yet – just to keep me encouraged 🙂

I’ll be posting the first poems the sometime during the week of Sept 21st 2009.

We’ll see where it goes and what we can do with it!



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2 responses to “The Beginning!

  1. I’ll do it… once I find the time 🙂 This is an awesome idea

    • Ah! Yay! So glad to have you as my first comment here Sam! And, so glad to hear you’re going to collaborate with me 🙂 I was going to direct you this way if you didn’t find your way here soon, seemed like something you might be interested in…glad to hear it is so!

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