Prompt 2. Week 1. Project 1.

Dirty Blonde (by Rebecca Chasteen)

Dirty blonde,
she’s squeaky clean
(unless you ask the right people
if you know what I mean)

it’s just always
the way she…
the way the
dirty blonde locks
fall right in place
natural highlights
the sun on her face
the way she laughs
as you imagine her taste

there’s just that
natural pull-
the gravity
of pretty
(she’s stuck in it too
and just can’t get free)

dirty blonde
but sugar sweet
blue jeaned thighs
and flip flopped feet

She’s easy
to be near
easy to believe
easy to look at
easy to need

it’s not so easy
to see
the dirty part
when she’s throwing you her heart (and whatever else you ask for)

even if it’s
right in front of you
even if she
thought she tried
to let you know

she’ll never come out and say it,
it’ll never just show
but it’s

and you’re too happy with
dirty blonde hair
falling around your shoulders,
on your chest

you can
the rest.


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