Prompt 6. Week 1. Project 3.

“Rock and roll, hey
Don’t you know, baby, we’re all alone now?
Give me something to sing about” – Paramore

Cool Sweet (by Rebecca Chasteen)

You should
lick that champagne from your fingers-
there’s no rush,
there’s no reason to brush it off
on rags of cloth,
and let them drink
the cool sweet

I know you saw me
watch you
you didn’t stop,
I didn’t lose
my nerve

It turns out
there was still something there,
your hands stuck in my hair

at first

It was cool sweet
you had defiance in your eyes,
you were set on fulfilling every thing you tried

You never asked, and just assumed
I’d bend all my rules for you
and I did

I was anxious to be shown
what was burning through your soul,
I didn’t know
you’d never let that go.

It was a hazy sky you left me under,
breathing the things you left in the air,
champagne in my hair

And I sit
cool sweet
with what you gave me
tasting what’s left
on my fingertips

how did this get
so sticky?


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