Prompt 7. Week 1. Project 4.

How the light at the end of the day (by Rebecca Chasteen)

missing you

is wanting you to know the way I arranged my bookshelves,
how I look when I wake up,
and how the light at the end of the day grants these rooms
something brilliant and enduring

carves out places that just can’t be filled.

so instead
fingertips graze the carved wooden box in my closet,
trinkets and paper scraps

I carry you to the kitchen,
my hands dripping wet with orange scented water,
soapy bubbles on my arms

I take you to the car, put on lip gloss – guava splash
songs play background tracks
for you and I in my mind’s eye

and sometimes I stop to rest in a lyric or riff that echoes exact
and I am satisfied in the ache of your persisting existence
comfort food, allowing grief to sit in my stomach, fueling me

it is the grief, it seems
that keeps you here


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