Week 2. Prompt 2. Project 2.

Sunday: eleven fifteen or so (by Rebecca Chasteen)

May something powerful be done with this love
that swells,
even separated,
even tainted

as things shroud
the lights that otherwise

it’s beyond every doctrine,
every little semantic we organize our selves with
to make sense
when the only thing that really matters
is beyond any box, any building, any book

it’s so obvious
we ignore it

it’s too easy to love like that
it’s too easy to open our hands and take everyone in
it’s too easy to lay at the feet of love and move grace-full
in its wake

it’s too easy to take our little intricacies
and design uncrossable lines
and forget the signs our souls throw out
like smoke signals, Morse code, flashlights at windows

this is why we’ve got bodies sneaking out of houses,
mingling in clandestine corners,
bubbling with rebellion,
willing to burn down or do without
just to have that honest communion
just to taste that actualized love
that’s ebbed and swelled
and all along was never satisfied
sanctioned off into little (well meaning?) cells

there are too many
warm in bed
eyes shut tight
covers over head


living off of packaged and processed
starving into submission
anything thing that moves.


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