What is”The Poetry-Art Collaborative Experiment”?

What is this? The Poetry-Art Collaborative Experiment is an effort to collaborate and connect my poetry with the creative work of others.

Who am I and why am I doing this? I am an unpublished writer who lives in the Charlotte, NC area. I want to do something with my poetry (and the creative arts in general) that pulls people in, something that anyone can be part of. I want connect my work to the work of others.

What do I want from you? Just be part of this. Just take some time to read and be open to where that goes for you. There’s no right or wrong way to participate in this. Read some of these poems and then respond in some way: photographs, sketches, digital art, paintings, collages, poetry, short stories, vignettes, etc. Any kind of association you make with what you read. Sort of a stream of creative consciousness. It can be something you already have (maybe have had for years), or something you put together after reading. There is no criteria, anything goes. You can respond to as many pieces as you want, as much as you want. You can also respond to responses.

Feel free to comment any of the work or collaborations on this site. Everyone loves feedback! (Just remember to keep it constructive).

How do you participate? First of all, you can comment right now! (You don’t have to have a wordpress account).

New prompts will go up every two weeks or so. Read through the prompts and responses and when you have something you want to contribute, email me at rlbchasteen@yahoo.com. Be sure to let me know how you want your name displayed  (you retain all rights to your work), if you have any link (to other work you have online) that you want me to post with your name, and let me know what you are responding to.

Once I get responses, I’ll post them under the “Responses” category, with the poem title, so you can always find it. As I get new responses, I’ll update the post. I’ll send you a link via email (or facebook) of the post with your contribution on the site, so you can easily view and share. Let me know if anything needs to be corrected, or if you want to revise anything at any time.

If that doesn’t work out well, we’ll do it differently. This is an experiment.

We’ll see where it goes and what we can do with it!


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