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“Petition” Response

Following the poem, you will find the response

Petition (by Rebecca Chasteen)

I’m still
wondering why this is still so hard; managing, breathing
why there are still days I can’t get past survival

I’m still
wanting more than that

I’m still
missing something, it seems
to hold me together


I’m still
petitioning for a stillness of peace to piece me back together,

for assurance, still assurance
glazing me, and filling in the cracks
to glorify every little fragment

to tint me, stain my purpose, arrange my story
and sit me, completed, in the light

so I am a masterpiece
and not a constant mess

I’m still,
I’m still
I’m still


This is a series of photos titled “Promise”. The photos are Catherine Phillips’s. I felt Catie had a story, and photos to go with it, that connect with the idea of “Petition”, so with her consent, have responded with them here.


The Before

The Before submitted By Catherine Phillips, photo by Courtney Bell

Rains Reflection by Catherine Phillips

Rain's Reflection by Catherine Phillips

Nineteen Weeks by Catherine Phillips

Nineteen Weeks by Catherine Phillips


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