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“What I heard when you moved me” Response

Following the poem prompt, you will find the response.

What I heard when you moved me (by Rebecca Chasteen)

separate yourself

give more
give more

keep a safe distance
because there are no safe places

let your heart
in that quiet place
in that solitude

work hard
to maintain
that feeling – okay

let the

make room
make room

let the easy words
let the easy things do

be cautious
and don’t care

balance it

let go
let go

and hold on


Let Me Go By: Rachel L Brooks

Leave me be
Let me go
Your the last one i want to know
Your betrayal still haunts me
Your lies still linger in me
Your face is everywhere i go
Why wont you let me go

Why do i still think of you
Why do i still want to know how you do
Why do your sweet words make me miss you
Why did you do what you did

You know how i am
You know how i hold to every word said
You know that i’d end up this way
You knew that i was in your trap
You knew that i couldnt be helped
You knew i was in too deep

So why wont you let me go??

Set up from the start
You knew exactly how to break my heart
You knew that if you got beyond my heart and into my head that i could never forget you existed
Its all an ego trip for you

To know that you have someone completely
To know that they will never be able to function as well as they use to
To know that your always gonna be happier then them
To know that you still have control
It wasnt enough to break my heart,but the least you could’ve done was leave me completely

And to think that all this time i thought it was me who couldnt let go of you,just another one of your ways to make me feel less then you
But its time now to spit the truth,its not me who needs to let go
Your the one who dug your fingers into me so deep,just to make a dent,just to make sure i didnt forget

I never did that to you,
I just played the inlove fool
So you leave me be
Let me go
Why wont you just let me go??


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